Confidentiality and Data Security

Data security and confidentiality of client information is of utmost importance if an organization has to build a good business reputation. We, at Multilingual Virtual Assistant are well aware of this importance and have several security measures in place which deals with the data security aspects on all levels. Our know-how and state-of-the-art infrastructure in this field, offers 360 degree Information Security and Confidentiality guarantee to all our customers. This ensures that no data security breach can ever take place from our end.


Data Security & Confidentiality of Highest Standards

Our data security systems include screening at two levels:-

Physical Screening

  • Confidentiality agreements are signed from the customers
  • Electronic devices such as PDAs, laptops etc are prohibited from being brought to office
  • Printouts or written documents are prohibited from being taken out of office without official permission

Technical Screening

  • Presence of password protected systems
  • Antivirus software and firewalls being installed on our systems
  • Absence of external drives
  • Use of an encrypted system for data transfer from customer to the system

Strictest measures adopted for data transfers between the concerned parties, adherence to user access rights and a secure processing environment have all enabled us to achieve client satisfaction of highest levels.

So if you want utmost data security and confidentiality of your client information then Multilingual Virtual Assistant is your solution!


Partnership with Multilingual Virtual Assistants

Your information is highly confidential with us as by having multiple channels we safeguard your information. Partnering with multilingual experts will not just help you to enter in new market however it will also help to get more sales. You can rest assured that your business will move at next level with us.


Approach us today & open a new door for your business.

Outsourcing Virtual Assistant

Multilingual Virtual Assistant commits people, ideas, professionalism to help our clients and the communities where we live. We help individuals, corporate on multiple business related supporting task which enables them to grow. Team of global network develops new ideas and creativity that helps our customer to get more productivity. We provide a variety of multilingual virtual assistant outsourcing services to businesses of all size that are looking to expand.

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